Church Planting


When we started out, our main goal was and still continues to be to plant indigenous independent Baptist church within Bolivia.  Upon arriving, our plan was to go to Oruro after language school and start there.  The Lord seems to have shut the door to Oruro, at least for the time being and set us in a slightly different course for the first few years.

For the first few years, we ended up helping some struggling indigenous and mission churches.  We mainly helped in 3 churches in La Paz.  

The first church was due to a split in the church.  We went in and helped lift the pastor and try to encourage him.  Our goal was to just help him stabilize the church and see it start growing again.

The next church we helped in was a work of another missionary.  Due to health issues, the family had to leave the country for an extended period of time.  When they left, there was no one that could take the church and be able to keep it running.  We helped maintain this work in their absence.

The last work was another struggling church.  Due to some issues in the church, many people ended up leaving and the church was about to possibly go under.  There was no one remaining that knew how to take and to lead the church.  We were able to help lift this church and it's people.  They remained autonomous but we lead them in re-founding the church.  We were able to set them up with a newly organized church, train the men that remained on how to lead and leave them in a position to continue on their own.

We then moved to the city of Santa Cruz where we are now working to start a brand new church.