Prison Bible College


In 2017 we partnered with Pastor Contreras in what would be considered the state penitentiary of the state (department) of Santa Cruz.  

Understand, the prison system in Bolivia works very different than the ones in the states.  This prison is like it's own city where they work, buy, sell and trade just as anyone on the outside.  If the family of the prisoner has no other options, they will even live inside the prison as well.  Inside the prison, one can see people from babies that are new borns, children that are leaving for school all the way up to senior citizens.

Inside, land has been purchased, and a church building built.  There are at least 2 services every single day where about 150 men are coming on a regular basis.  The prison ministry has seen several of these men saved and even baptized.

We have partnered with Pastor Contreras in starting an accredited (according to stateside standards) Baptist Bible college for some of the men that have shown a desire to study God's word more in depth.  Some of these men are already helping teach, preach and share the gospel inside the prison church.  I like to jokingly say, "They have a captive audience".  It is our desire to train and equip these men to reach their fellow prisoners.  Some only have a few years left in prison while others have several.  So whether it be inside the prison or once they are released, we want them to know, understand and be able to share God's word with others.

Would you please pray for this ministry in the prison?  For those yet to be reached and for those studying in the college.  
Would you possibly help sponsor one of these men?  Due to their former crimes, most of them don't have money.  They don't have a way of paying for the needed materials.  For only about $400, you could help sponsor a man for all four years of his college studies.