The Harvest Project


As of this writing, The Harvest Project is in the first steps. We have gone from planning are are starting to prepare. Our family is partnering with other missionaries and a stateside ministry called “La Espada” to try to be, train and equip laborers for the Lord’s harvest. Our goal, is to have the opportunity to give a clear, personal plan of salvation to EVERY home. We plan to start here in Santa Cruz in the city of over 3 million souls but with the desire to reach out across all of Bolivia; every city, every home.

Our goal, is to have the opportunity to give a clear, personal plan of salvation to EVERY home.

This project is obviously larger than any one of us. We realize we cannot do this project alone. Therefore, we are training the national pastors to reach their communities. As a part of our PUBLISHING MINISTRY, we are supplying John and Romans scripture portions, New Testaments and full Bibles. Our goal is to provide 3 million or more scripture portions for this project. Then as a part of the training, we will supply the pastor with the logistical support to be able to reach their area. This will include maps of their reachable areas, customized church tracts and more. The training is from going to present the gospel, to follow up with the person, and all the way to discipleship and then sending that person out to do the same. After the training, the pastor is then left to go train his local church. We work directly with the local pastor and encourage him to work with his church.

However, it doesn’t stop here. We also provide followup support. We follow up with each pastor to find out how he and his church are doing. If the pastor is struggling in a particular area, we help him work through this problem.

The Harvest Project does not intend to reach areas where there are no churches. We want any person that hears the gospel presentation to be able to have a local church to follow up with. Therefore, the project works hand in hand with our NEHEMIAH VISION. Once these local churches reach their area, we will help them reach new communities by helping them build a new church in that area.