Why Bolivia

Is there really a need in Bolivia?  

Why partner with us in helping reach these people?


Prayer Letters  

We send out regular updates on what is happening in our ministry and in Bolivia.  These updates help you as a supporter know how to pray for us and for our people.  They let you know of ministry needs but also victories.  Please, take time to read them and pray for the many needs in Bolivia.  But most of all, pray for our family and for more laborers in our field.  


The Murray Family

Robert, Jessica, Ellie and Daniel.


Key Ministries


Church Planting

Our main goal is to plant new churches that can grow in the Lord. our desire is to have the church be able to sustain itself and produce more churches.  In order to produce more, we must train the believers and equip them.



A small ministry we had before moving to Bolivia was in producing Bible portions, tracts, invitations and other materials.  Since moving to Bolivia, the Lord has allowed us to do the same in a larger quantity.


Prison Ministry

An unexpected ministry has been the prison ministry. We are partnering with a national pastor and helping enable him.  We are helping him train converts through a bible college we have started inside.


Photo     Gallery

We occasionally upload photos so that you can see.  You can see our people and the ministry  work.  It also allows you to see the country and the culture that we live in.


Contact Us

Whether you are planning a trip to Bolivia, are from a supporting church or just interested in our ministry, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.