Publishing Ministry


Before coming to Bolivia, we had an opportunity to have a small part of the publishing ministry of our home church.  Now, in Bolivia we have been able to do the same.  With the help of the same ministry from our home church and the help of other ministries, we have been able to continue helping local churches have specialized materials.  This may be anything from design of things like signs to the actual printing of things like scripture portions, Sunday School material, hymnals and more.  

Bolivia does not have a supply of church materials available for purchase.  Even if it did, most of the indigenous churches could not afford them anyway.  So we are able to help supply and equip the locals with the materials they need.  We have 11 churches that we help supply their Sunday School material every quarter.

This printing ministry has helped supply scripture portions not only for Bolivia but also for other South American countries like, Chile, Peru and Argentina.  We have provided several thousand Bibles to people in the prison system, in schools and on the street.  What more important gift could we give than God's Holy Word.  His Word will accomplish much more than we could ever even try.

Now, with the addition of The Harvest Project, we are going from supplying thousands of scripture portions to supplying hundreds of thousands. Our goal is to reach every home with a personal and clear presentation of the gospel. To find out more about this, please read about THE HARVEST PROJECT.