Why Bolivia?


Why be in Bolivia?  Is it that important?

Bolivia is a landlocked, sovereign country in the heart of South America. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. The three main
languages are Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. The country has a population of 10.9 million people, over 3 million those living in our city of Santa Cruz.

The main religion is Roman Catholic. But an ethnic Inca religion called Pachamama is also very prominent. This is a religion revolving around
worship of the earth. The word Pachamama translates mother earth.  Sadly, Satan worship also is very evident. As a country in the Andes mountain range, mining is a large industry.  Because they believe that God, as the Catholics teach, is limited. They believe the ground is out of His control.  Therefore, they place a statue of Satan at the entrance of the mines and offer sacrifices to him.  They believe that if you do not, Satan will have you killed and eat your soul while in the mine.  We understand this is wrong but it is all they know.  Unless someone shares the truth of the gospel with them, these souls will die and go to Hell, believing they have done the right things.

All over Bolivia people walk with downcast eyes, stone hard faces, and hopeless lives. Drinking is a favorite pastime and abandoned children
wonder the streets in search of handouts of money or food. Who will tell them of the hope that awaits them? Or the gift that God is offering
them, if only they will receive it? How can they accept it if they have never heard? God loves these precious people in Bolivia. He loves them
so much that He sent His son to die for their sins. Who will go and tell them of this wonderful news?


There is a need in Bolivia, not only for people to go and tell about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, but also for people to stay and teach, lead,
and disciple new believers. Helping them to grow and eventually go out and spread the same good news of God’s love to others.

Everyday souls are dying and going to hell without ever hearing about who Jesus really is and He has given us the commission to go, and
tell them before it’s too late.